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James Cardinale
James Cardinale
  • How long have you been working out at WCF? I have been a member of WCF since January 2018.
  • Your favorite movement? Thrusters!
  • Least favorite movement? Pull-ups.
  • Your goals moving forward? My goals are to become better with the movements, and mobility.  I want to continue to work on my handstand pushups, double-unders, and kipping pull-ups.
  • Favorite part about working out at WCF? The community and support of the trainers and the other members is what makes WCF a great place to workout for me!  Each day brings a new challenge and when you think you are getting tired, you have everyone else in the class pushing you to keep working.  You will not get this type of atmosphere anywhere else.
  • Advice you would give someone just starting out at WCF? Come in with an open mind, be patient learning the movements, and work as hard as you can.  Understand that there are good days and bad days.  Do not lose focus or sight of your goals!
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What is WCF?

Post WOD at Wine Country FitnessWine Country Fitness is built on the pillars of family, community, and fitness.  We, as owners, are motivated by FAMILY- both our own family and our fitness family. Our inspiration for WCF grew out of the desire to raise our three children Olivia, 7, Tripp, 5, and Willie (1), in an environment that inspires hard work, camaraderie, and positive relationships…all of which have been fostered by the family of athletes at WCF.

Wine Country Fitness truly is a unique membership opportunity, unlike typical gyms and fitness centers. No headphones. No mirrors. No machines. No judgment. We are a small gym with trainer-led classes and a community-oriented learning environment. We say “small” because it is our intent. WCF will not sacrifice individualized attention for the sake of growth.

Who is WCF for?

  • Wine Country Fitness is for everyone.  Our priority is to create the correct muscle memory for everyday functional movements that involve pulling, pushing, lifting, and bending, to refrain from injury and live a healthier, fuller life.
  • Do you want to gain flexibility?  Lose weight?  Run a 5k?  Keep up with your grandchildren?  Complete a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder? Shovel your driveway? Gain more energy?  WCF caters to and empowers every type of athlete.


  • Lake: A pride in the local community of Geneva, and nearby Seneca Lake: right in the heart of Finger Lakes Wine Country!
  • Love: Finding inspiration, motivation, and purpose in your fellow athletes and coaches.  There is also an element of self-love in prioritizing fitness, recovery, mobility, and clean eating.
  • Lift: Develop proper movements and techniques through weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning.
Wine Country Fitness Trainers at the 2018 WODChester Games